What Foods Are Best For Hair Growth?

April 16, 2019

What Foods Are Best For Hair Growth?

Everyone dreams of having healthy and long hair because it has a way of enhancing the outer appearance. While some people are blessed with naturally long hair, some people are not and why it’s best to look for other ways of stimulating hair growth. Diet is an important factor when trying to grow your hair because there are some foods that aid hair growth thanks to the nutrients they possess. Below is a list of foods that can be incorporated into your diet to increase hair growth.

Foods That Boost Hair Growth

Carrots: Carrots provide significant nutrients for the body, and they’re also great for improving hair growth. Carrots contain vitamin A and vitamin A helps keep the roots of your hair healthy enough to produce. Vitamin A also helps in producing healthy hair cells which can boost hair growth. You can choose to blend carrots and make carrot juice or eat them as much as possible.

Avocados: Avocados are good because they have just the right amount of fat the body needs. Avocados contain vitamin E and this rapidly increases hair growth. This vitamin doesn’t just improve hair growth but it also helps repair a damaged scalp giving way for faster hair growth. Blending or using Avocados as a spread for whole grain bread are good ways of enjoying them.

Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes also provide the body with Vitamin A. Including sweet potatoes in your diet frequently can help produce healthy hair. Apart from producing long hair, sweet potatoes can also increase hair volume. The best way to retain the nutrients of sweet potatoes is by boiling and it can be eaten with meat, fish or eggs.

Fish: Fatty fish specifically are great for hair growth because they contain omega-3 fatty acids. Apart from stimulating hair growth, it produces healthy hair. Common fatty fishes include Salmon and Mackerel. Fatty fishes don’t require too much heat to cook so the best way to prepare them is to fry or steam on low heat and eaten with white rice and vegetables.

Citrus Fruits: Generally, fruits provide nutrients our body needs to be healthy and so, when eating fruits try to take in more citrus fruits which provide vitamin C. Vitamin C helps keep hair cells healthy and active. When your hair cells are healthy, growth will become more frequent. Citrus fruits that aid hair growth includes Oranges, Lime, Grapefruit, and so on.  You can always squeeze Oranges and make juice you can store in the fridge. It’s better to make your own Orange juice at home so that you can be sure it hasn’t been overly diluted. Slicing Lime into two and putting it in a bottle of water is a common way of adding it to a daily diet.

Egg: To improve hair growth, protein should be included in your diet because your hair needs as much protein as possible daily. Eggs have high protein and biotin which helps produce healthy hair follicles and improves hair growth. Eggs are affordable and available which makes them the best source for hair growth. The best way to prepare eggs to retain the nutrients is by boiling them.

Chicken/Meat: Poultry or Meat are both great for stimulating hair growth because they’re rich in protein. The type of protein available in meat and poultry help strengthen hair follicles and protect them from damage. Including meat and poultry in your diet is not difficult at all because they’re available and affordable. Balancing them with vegetables and sweet potatoes helps create a balanced diet.

Almond Nuts: Almond nuts contain vitamin E, vitamin B, and Zinc. These three nutrients are great for stimulating hair growth, volume, and they also help repair damaged hair. Almonds taste good and they can be found anywhere. Taking them as snacks is a good way to make sure they’re incorporated in your diet.

Altering genetics is impossible which is why using these foods as supplements is a great way of providing your hair with nutrients that improve hair health and growth.





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