How to Deal with Ingrown Hair

September 04, 2019

How to Deal with Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs are those stubborn hairs that are curly and have grown back into your skin instead of coming out which causes skin irritations like bumps, rashes, and sores, etc. Sometimes, when you cut a naturally curly hair too closely, it develops a sharp edge and pierces through the skin which also causes ingrown hair.

The ingrown hairs are itchy and can make one feel uncomfortable. Like in men, the ingrown hair comes up as a bump on the chin, under the neck and cheeks after shaving, and in women, it usually comes out under the armpit, legs or in the pubic area.

Whichever way the ingrown hair develops, they won't just go away so the ingrown hairs have to be dealt with. There are several ways in which one can deal with them properly, and they are listed below;

Warm your Skin before you Shave

Before you start shaving, you will need to warm your skin first to soften the hairs and allow the pores to relax before you shave to prevent stubborn hairs from sticking under the skin.

Cool your Skin after Shaving

Just as it is important for you to warm your skin before shaving, it is also important to cool your skin after shaving to tighten every loose pore and prevent any dirt from getting locked up with any hair.


By exfoliating, you get to remove every dead skin cells which could make the pores blocked, that is why you need to exfoliate at least twice a week, before and after shaving.

Use Pre-Shave Oil

The pre-shave oil helps soften hairs and make them much easier to cut-off from the surface, instead of breaking beneath the surface.

Post-Shaving Toner

The post shaving toner is used to disinfect the skin, you can use a toner alcohol-free to disinfect your skin and remove skin cells and shave cream. It balances your skin's PH level and prevents the skin from being oily.

Post-Shave Moisturizers

Moisturizers are good for every skin, so using a post-shave moisturizer will help nourish and fortify your skin cells and create a barrier to block germs from penetrating into your freshly shaved pores.

Basically, the ingrown hairs hurt a lot because it keeps growing inside the skin, instead of growing out, the more it keeps growing inside, the itchier it becomes and develops into bumps or sores. It comes out after shaving or plucking hairs for those that are fond of playing with their beards, so it is advisable to avoid plucking hairs from your body, and since shaving cannot be avoided, it is okay to stick to the rules above to avoid inflammation of any sort. 

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