Tips On Picking The Right Hair Products

May 29, 2018

Tips On Picking The Right Hair Products

Finding the right hair products suitable for your hair type can be a significant task, not to mention the fact it can be frustrating having to try different products without having your desired results. Going by statistics, there are about seven hundred hair products in a standard hair aisle. With this large number, it's no wonder that there exists some confusion in settling for one. There's however some good news. The whole process can be simplified and is not as hard as it looks. This article focuses on how to pick the right hair product with consideration to your hair characteristics.

Be Familiar With Your Texture

Knowing your hair texture would determine the type of hair care treatments and products you utilize. If your hair texture is straight and light, then you will likely need a shampoo and conditioner with thickening abilities. The conditioner should, however, be applied to the tips of the hair. This texture of hair would also require a dry shampoo for added texture and bulk. You may also choose to include a spray that protects your hair from heat. In case your hair texture is naturally thick you might want to go for a styling oil, a spray to give it its shine and lastly a smoothing cream.

How Porous Is Your Hair

The extent of your hair's ability to absorb moisture and hold it in should be taken into consideration in choosing a hair product that aligns with your hair's porosity. Your hair can be either highly porous or lowly porous. High porosity implies no matter how much moisture is applied your hair still has a dry feeling even though moisture is absorbed. Lowly porous hair, alternatively, has difficulty absorbing moisture. Oil and creams sit on its strands and do not get absorbed, so all you have is a fake shine without moisture. In the former products and treatments that are high in protein will be helpful. To rectify the latter, your best product option is a moisturizer or conditioner with adequate steaming carried out.

Consider The Health Of Your Hair

Products best suited for healthy hair are most times a disaster when applied to unhealthy hair. A good example is products that contain a high level of protein. They are used to revive and rejuvenate unhealthy hair. If this is applied to hair in excellent condition, your seemingly great product will leave you with a dry and stiff disaster to work on.

Have Waxes And Strong Gels For Fine And Short Hair

Waxes and gels are useful for beautiful and short hair that you desire to make stand-up. These hair products are helpful in giving your hair a defined style while holding it in place. They are best applied to dry or damp hair and have a finish that is usually shiny or matte.

If your hair happens to be thinning then it would be best you avoid pomades that are not water based as well as creams. These products would drop unnecessary extra weight on already thinning hair which is disadvantageous.

Summarily, your hair is a reflection of what you feed it with. So when scouting for your best product options don't forget to align your options with your hair type and texture to achieve that healthy and beautiful look and to get your hair to where you desire it to be.

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