The Importance of Hair Growth Oils

March 30, 2018

The Importance of Hair Growth Oils

Natural oils have been used as hair growth stimulants for centuries now. These oils are available from plants that possess various qualities and benefits that are individually unique.

From hair follicle rejuvenation and hydration to hair loss prevention. Do you have some doubts about the reputation of hair growth oils? Let’s look at some benefits of these natural hair oils.

Revitalization of The Hair Follicles

Most of these hair growth oils possess stimulating properties which help in the revival of the hair follicles, which in turn aids new growth and stimulates current hair growth.

Heals Damaged Hair

Damaged hair occurs in over 30% of the population. Many factors lead to damaged hair from poor nutrition, to chlorinated water, and overindulgence in heating tools, the list is endless.

Applying and massaging your hair with these oils will radically awaken the sleeping hair follicles which will, in turn, help prevent hair shedding. The continuous application of these oils will lead to the growth of new hair follicles and rejuvenation of the existing ones.

Possesses Antioxidant Properties

These oils have antioxidant properties that are powerful. When these oils are applied, their antioxidant properties act in providing nourishment for the hair follicles which substantially aids in hair growth. This antioxidant also helps in fighting off free radicals that cause hair loss and other hair related problems.

Improves Blood Circulation In the Scalp

Continuous application of these oils to your scalp will increase blood circulation in the scalp. Which essentially means the hair follicles will receive more nutrients and oxygen which helps stimulate hair growth. This improved blood circulation in the scalp will help prevent hair breakage as well.

Helps Balance The Scalp Sebum

The sebum in your hair needs to be balanced at all times as too much or too little sebum can dehydrate the hair follicles which in turn will lead to hair loss. Application of the hair growth oils will lead to the cleansing of the scalp and hair follicles; this will lead to the balancing of the sebum which nurtures the growth of new hairs as well as prevents hair loss.

Prevents Hair loss by Killing Bacteria and Fighting Inflammation

Inflammation and bacteria usually cause hair loss and other associated hair problems. Hair growth oils typically have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which help protect the hair from inflammation, lice, fungi, and bacteria. In turn, this will help foster healthy hair growth.

Prevents Breakage

Hair breakage is one of the most common problems faced by both men and women alike. Application of these oils will help in reducing hair breakage and facilitating hair growth.

Facilitates Growth of Healthy Hair

These oils have moisturizing and conditioning properties which ensure the hair follicles are protected from heat. These moisturizing and conditioning properties will, in turn, enable the growth of healthy hair.

In conclusion, the growth of healthy hair can be achieved by the continuous application of natural hair growth oils. These oils have various qualities that are beneficial to achieving healthy hair and help prevent other hair related issues.

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