Summer Hair Growth Tips

June 19, 2017

Summer Hair Growth Tips

The summer months are upon us and we quickly begin anticipating cookouts, parties, trips to the beach, and outdoor excursions.  We spend time planning what to pack, how to get there and what we will eat.  Our wardrobe transitions from sweaters and hoodies to tee shirts and shorts.  Likewise, how we take care of our hair should change as well.

There are several ways we can reduce and prevent the risk of damage to our hair in the summer.  Take the following suggestions into consideration to maintain your luscious locks and keep them looking (and feeling!) their best.

Fight Frizz

Any damage from the sun, coloring, straightening or hot tools roughens the cuticles, enabling water molecules in humid air to enter the hair shaft, causing it to swell and frizz.  Frequent combing and brushing can also disrupt the cuticle, especially when hair is wet.  Avoid pulling at the hair to get tangles out or you may cause a frizz explosion.

Try supplementing with vitamins and/or PRIMAL HAIR

Hair damage is at an all time high in the summer between the sun, heat, pool chemicals and salt water. Be sure to take vitamins to keep hair healthy and strong and consider using PRIMAL HAIR to increase hair growth  and reduce hair loss throughout the summer months.  

Skip the hot tools

Give your hair a break from hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons as often as possible.  Instead, wash your hair at night and put it into a bun or braid.  Youll have beach-like waves that can transition into a work-ready look with a thin headband or barrettes.

Reduce oiliness

Heat causes the glands in your scalp to produce more oil.  Perspiration increases the problem because it can cause the hair to appear dirty and greasy.  To reduce the risk of an even greasier appearance, apply conditioner to the ends to prevent sun-related damage.  The natural astringent witch hazel dissolves oil.  Try dipping a cotton ball in witch hazel and blotting along your hairline and part.

Swim prep

Chlorine can build up on the hair and leave a film, causing your hair to appear green.  Dry hair is similar to a sponge-- it absorbs the first liquid it is exposed to.  Wet your hair with tap water before diving in so it absorbs less chlorinated water.

Start summer with a trim

Freshen up your style and say goodbye to split ends!  You might need a mid-summer cut too because more hairs are in the growing stage during late spring and summer.

During the summer months, it is important to consider how the warmer, more humid climate affects our hair.  Keep your hair healthy by taking these tips into consideration before driving down the road or diving into the pool!


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