Rehmannia and Hair Loss

November 19, 2018

Rehmannia and Hair Loss

Hair loss is a major worry among men and women. It takes significant shine off you and makes the sufferer uncomfortable. No matter how rich or popular an individual may be, hair loss might make them unattractive and unacceptable and that is why many people are working round the clock to find the perfect solutions for hair loss. Hair loss does not just happen to an individual. There are a lot of reasons responsible for hair loss in an individual. They include:

Hereditary Problems

This kind of hair loss is inherited from either of the parents. This points to the fact that there are issues with hair loss in the family lineage of the individual in question. This is usually linked to hormonal imbalance or diseases consistent with such lineage.


Stress plays a major role in hair loss. When an individual goes through a lot of stress, it takes its toll on the body system and some essential minerals are shredded in the process. The minerals are the food the hair needs to grow and losing these minerals would have an adverse effect on the hair.

Poor Diet

Poor diets are basically the most important factor that contributes to hair loss. The foods we eat are the primary source of all the minerals the body needs to function properly. If our diets lack essential food items that are responsible for the growth and upkeep of the hair like proteins, vitamins and other essential amino acids, then the hair would suffer for it and the whole process would culminate into hair loss.

Each of the factors listed above or a combination of all would definitely lead to a situation where an individual suffers hair loss. To curtail hair loss in all forms, many treatments and solutions have been developed in the past all amounting to varying degrees of success. Some of these solutions are botanical, others are clinical, some are non clinical and some a hybrid of the whole thing. However, the best method in the books of many people when it comes to treating hair loss is the botanical method. This involves using plant supplements to prepare clinically supported solutions in combating the problem of hair loss.

Rehmannia and How it Helps in Restoring Hair Loss

Rehmannia or Rehmannia Glutinosa as it is sometimes called is a perennial herb from China rich in minerals and nutrients used in treating most ailments. The herb is rich in amino acids and vitamins A, B, C, and D. It also contains several other compounds that help in the treatment of stress. This is why it has become a choice ingredient for many people when it comes to the treatment of hair loss. As it has been confirmed insufficient vitamins, protein and stress are some core factors that lead to hair loss, the roots of Rehmannia Glutinosa comes with many the ingredients that enhances vitamin production needed to help in restoring the growth of hair in the body while also providing the essential elements that help in combating stress.

This herb also comes with an additional blood building component that works with the other compound to stimulate hair growth while also restoring the color and luster of the hair. Summarily, the ingredients Rehmannia helps in preventing hair loss by correcting the hormonal imbalances that may have triggered the process in the first place while also providing the needed elements required in restoring the hair lost in the past.

PRIMAL HAIR and Its Use of Rehmannia

PRIMAL HAIR is in the business of making drug-free botanical supplements that are used in the treatment of hair loss while increasing the vibrancy of the entire look of your hair. Our products has been used and trusted by a lot of individuals in the past when it comes to the treatment of hair loss.

To ensure the efficacy of its supplement, we use the Rehmannia root as one of the ingredients in our supplement. This supplement is so effective that no matter the level of hair loss an individual might have suffered in the past, making use of the supplements would ensure the user receives a positive result within two months of taking the product.

Rehmannia has proven to be an effective tool in treating hair loss in the past and it looks set to continue to do so going forward.



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