Products That Can Damage Your Hair for Life

September 27, 2018

Products That Can Damage Your Hair for Life

Hair troubles tend to happen daily, we worry constantly about how healthy our hair is and how to properly manage it and just like we worry, our lifestyle and daily routines affect the health of our hair. Healthy hair isn’t necessarily one rid of frizzes or breakage, your hair isn’t necessarily in good shape simply because it's not thinning out either or because you don’t have to deal with dandruff or flaking. Basic hair care products, often everyday hair products affect the health of your hair and generally one can only truly know the state of the hair by the state of the scalp as the scalp is usually a good indicator of healthy hair.

Healthy hair isn’t maintained by one factor alone, a myriad of factors does and as many experts have pointed out those that leave the most damaging effects are those that we think nothing of, like everyday wash products, styling patterns, heat treatment, dyeing, bleaching, and what you consume. Read through a list of products and lifestyle factors that have lasting damaging effects on the hair and seem normal and natural.

Cheap Styling Products

According to Luxe Concept Salon, making use of cheap styling tools pose more threat to the hair than any other products, they point out clearly that cheap styling tools are a sure-fire way of sending the hair to a damage zone of no return, fast. More expensive styling tools have specific coatings that help regulate temperatures on the plates that cheap tools do not have and the importance of regulating and maintaining level temperatures while styling the hair cannot be overemphasized. For example, when straightening the hair using cheap products you would notice that certain hair strands fail to straighten together, leaving you with no choice but to run the straightener over the hair more than once, this happens because cheaper products conduct heat poorly. Your best bet to avoiding hair damage would be to invest just a little extra in your styling products.

Over-the-Counter Hair Products and Hairspray

You should know that some types of over-the-counter hair products, especially hairspray damage the hair and scalp because of the components and ingredients typically used in making hairsprays. Hairsprays contain chemicals including parabens, ethanol, and alcohol, all of which have the potential to damage the hair.

The alcohol content damages your hair by drying it out and giving it a broken and frizzy appearance, hairsprays also dry out the scalp and potentially cause hair loss, also, when applying too much, they tend to clog the pores in your scalp which makes it difficult for new hair to grow.


Bianca Hartkopf, a professional hair, and makeup artist advised that exposing your hair to smoking can cause surprising damage to your hairs health. Research studies from over the years have shown smokers generally have more damaged hair than non-smokers.

Hair Dye

Trying out different hair colors is a top wish on many lists and the hair dye is perhaps one of the greatest fashion fads and the driving forces of the modern-day salon industry. People experiment with hair dye professionally and at home and is a general practice to get a fresh new color or highlight.

While hair dying is popular, the damage this fashion miracle does to the hair is not as popular. In case you weren’t aware, dyeing your hair causes damage and harm to the hair. Hair dyes typically contain ammonia because it is important for the dye to process as it lifts hair cuticles to allow the dye to settle and makes the dyed color last longer. Ammonia also weakens the hair and when used persistently as it causes the hair to thin out and begin to look brittle and straw-like.

Hair Extensions

A publication by the HS Hair Clinic, highlights the fact that while hair extensions and weaves are generally accepted and used for their ability to give users a thicker or longer hair appearance and would normally cause little damage to the hair, they are rather burdensome and heavy for the hair, often causing damage and irritation, leading to many cases of dry scalp.

The secret to using hair extensions is to stay away from those that are heavier than the actual hair being used on because heavy extensions pull the hair and lead to the breakage of your hair roots. The additional weight can also cause stress to your roots, causing more damage to your already weakened hair.

In closing, hair damage can be serious business but with the information above, you can easily maintain and control the way your hair looks and feels.



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