More Important Vitamins or Medicine for Hair Growth?

April 24, 2019

More Important Vitamins or Medicine for Hair Growth?

More Important Vitamins or Medicine for Hair Growth?

It’s everyone’s desire to have their hair grow at least an inch daily. Unfortunately, the standard hair growth speed is ½ millimeter a day, ½ inch a month and 15 cm a year. Although, this rate of growth is meant to cut across all people, there are also ill experiences of not even growing an inch strand of hair after many years.

However, with the fact that everyone now loves and adores growing hair, you are likely to see an abundance of hair growth articles on search engines. There are many solutions to hair growth. Whether to increase its growth speed or help retarded hair grow again, you’ll always find vitamins and medicines in the top list of solutions, both are good choices for hair growth, but it is necessary you first consider which of the factor is most important in influencing hair growth if you want a speedy action. In this article, we will help you understand what your choices are so important, you’ll get to know which is a more important remedy for your hair growth.


As a woman or a man, growing hair does not just make you feel happy, it also brings out your true beauty. Hair growth goes a long way to signify that you're healthy and feeling right. Keep in mind the hair only grows when the hair follicles are well nourished. So if you’re choosing vitamins, you’re making the right choice to a healthy lifestyle.

Because, hair growth vitamins thus far, is the most essential remedy to hair growth. It is a natural way of maintaining healthy hair growth. It helps to wake up dead follicles and revamps your handstand from the root. Essential vitamins like A, C, D, E, K are beneficial in providing healthy hair growth and regrowth. It makes the hair grow thicker and longer in just a few days, it does even more in maintaining your overall health. Since our hair is made of a protein follicle called keratin, there’s a need to supply the hair with enough protein for it to grow. It grows with time and even faster compared to other hair growth remedies.


Another way of boosting your hair growth is through the use of medications. Before you go down this medicine road, you should always consult your doctor before deciding on which path to take.

Medications have been shown to be great in reactivating your oil glands. It may regrow the hair but you may not get as much growth as expected. It causes hair loss when there’s an interference with the hair cycle. This, in turn, causes the hair follicle to go into the resting phase and therefore, fall out early.  This hair loss is experienced in the first and second stage of the hair cycle. In most cases, there may be limitations of this medication on pregnant mothers and those with health issues.

Keep in mind medications are for those who are missing out on some essential vitamins. So don’t bother taking medications if your vitamins are intact. As a matter of fact, it will take a longer time to see the effect of the medication and even after seeing it, your hair is still likely to go back to normal once you quit the dosage. So if you’re doing just fine in health and eating properly then there’s no need to panic about getting medication for your hair growth.

Hopefully, you have garnered some useful information to help you make the right choice in improving your hair growth. Your choice for achieving speedy hair growth is right at the tip of your finger, you can be assured of getting results from both remedies but you should always consider the options that will offer fewer side effects for you.


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