What to Know about the Ligustrum Ingredient

August 07, 2019

What to Know about the Ligustrum Ingredient

The name Ligustrum is not one you would hear being uttered every other day. This is especially because it is a scientific name for a Chinese medicinal herb. Its common name ‘Glossy Privet Fruit’, however, sounds more like an everyday term. Not only does it fit perfectly as an everyday term, but it also has uses in our everyday lives. This is because while it is originally a Chinese medicinal herb, it has uses in the hair and beauty industry.  From aiding the growth of thicker, healthier hair to helping prevent premature aging, here’s everything you need to know about the Ligustrum ingredient.

  •       The medicinal and beneficial part of Ligustrum is its fruit

As its common name ‘Glossy privet fruit’ already depicts, it is the ripe fruit berries of the Ligustrum that is the powerhouse of all the benefits associated with the herb.

  •       One of its many active constituents are essential fatty acids

This probably explains why it is capable of aiding the growth of healthy hair. Essential fatty acids have been known to promote hair growth, help prevent dry scalp as well as give hair a natural and shiny look.

  •       The Ligustrum ingredient promotes the darkening of hair

If you are worried about greying too early, then making use of a hair product that has Ligustrum is the best preventive measure. If you are already turning grey, then it is the Ligustrum ingredient to the rescue.  It would help your hair to regain its natural color as well as give it its original pigmentation. This is not to say it would darken blonde hair. Rather, it would help restore its natural and original shine and color. It works effectively for both men and women. If you can get your hands on the real Glossy Privet fruit, here’s how to apply it to your hair

  •       Grind the fruit
  •       Apply it onto your hair from the root to the hair tips
  •       Leave it to dry
  •       Then, wash your hair with normal, lukewarm water
  •       For best results, do this two times a week
  •       It can be consumed through various means

The Ligustrum ingredient can be made use of either as a powder added to meals, capsules, or tinctures. It can also be made use of in its natural form. Either one goes. It is, however, not advisable for oral use by pregnant women and lactating mothers.

  •       It is effective against the thinning of hair

Combing your hair and suddenly coming across an almost bald patch on your scalp could be terrifying. Not only does it affect you aesthetically, but it also affects you mentally. It is Ligustrum to the rescue as it would help you to regenerate hair growth.

The benefits that come with natural herbs like Ligustrum are one of the best things that happened to humans. You should turn to the herb to help you solve all your hair-related problems. There is little to no side effects and you are sure to get the best results! 

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