Hair Transplants vs. PRIMAL HAIR

June 23, 2017

Hair Transplants vs. PRIMAL HAIR

Youve tried volumizing shampoos and conditioners.  Your hair stylist has strategically cut and colored your hair.  You even put away the hair dryer and curling iron to reduce the risk of hair damage. 

Yet, you cant help but notice that your part reveals your scalp and that more of your thinning hair seems to fall out every time you brush it.  Theres a good chance youve considered hair implants--and why not, they seem like the only solution for hair regrowth and hair restoration, right?  Not necessarily.  While you may feel as though youve exhausted every effort to reduce hair loss, take the following into consideration before making a final decision.

What are hair implants?

Hair implant surgery is a procedure that involves removing hair from one part of the head and transplanting them into tiny holes or slits in balding areas of the scalp.  This is typically done with either a punch graft or with a scalpel.

What risks are involved?

Risks of hair implants involve uneven hair patterns that may look unnatural. Some people also experience infection of the hair follicles, scarring and excessive bleeding.  Keep in mind that after being transplanted, death of the hair follicles may occur, resulting in no new hair growth.

What is the cost?

Most insurance plans do not cover hair transplants.  Depending on the amount of hair you are moving, prices can start at $4,000 and go up to about $15,000.

How long will it take to see results?

The success of hair implant surgery can vary depending on how many hair follicles remain healthy after being transplanted.  Most people require several surgeries to get the hair coverage they want.  Keep in mind it can take up to several months for your scalp to heal between surgeries.

How is PRIMAL HAIR different?

PRIMAL HAIR works to create new hair growth by targeting the hormonal causes of hair loss and internally enhances new hair growth. It is non-invasive with clinically-noted positive side effects. It is more cost effective to consider PRIMAL HAIR if you are considering hair transplants.

Before scheduling a date for surgery, consider the cost-friendly, less invasive alternatives of PRIMAL HAIR and a diet rich in these nutrients


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