Five Natural Food Ingredients That Can Grow a Woman's Hair

June 07, 2018

Five Natural Food Ingredients That Can Grow a Woman's Hair

One of the most annoying and frustrating experience for a woman is having lousy hair growth. From this, there are so many tips and products out there promising faster growth in just days, it would be a great experience if it were true, but most of them are just lies.

In the desperation to make your hair grow fast, you need to refrain from buying some of these products out there with so many promises but delivers more harm than good. Not all the chemicals in those products are right for your hair. You do not need to invest in expensive hair products before you can get faster hair growth because nature has already provided all you need and they are all around you.

Natural food ingredients are milder on your hair, cheaper and 100% more effective than any hair product out there.

Here are five natural food ingredients that can work wonders on your hair:


Most times all your hair needs to grow is hydration and honey is the product for the job. It hydrates the damaged parts of your hair which encourage growth and mixing honey with warm water helps heals your scalp of dandruff and itching.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a healthy natural ingredient which is good for the skin, cooking but it is also a great hair product. Olive oil as a conditioner is excellent because it heals damaged hair and replenishes the oil in dry hair. Massaging warm olive oil into your scalp and hair regularly would work magic and give you the hair length you always dreamed of.


You might have thought rosemary is an excellent herb that brings out the best in your cooking but it also helps against hair loss and shedding. Adding a few drops of rosemary oil to your hair products like hair creams, shampoos or conditioners promises a faster hair growth.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the most penetrative oil out there; it does not only give the hair a healthy shine but also penetrates into the roots of the hair, replenishes lost oil and decreases the protein loss.

Aloe Vera

Hair glands secrete sebum which reduces hair growth. But Aloe Vera helps remove it, to make your hair grow faster. It also helps with the increase in blood circulation.

Having longer hair does not have to be so hard and stressful when the answer is all around you, with these natural hair products. Some of these natural hair products might seem unconventional but who needs conventional when it makes promises and delivers on those promises.

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