Eclipta: An Effective Ingredient Against Hair Loss

November 16, 2018

Eclipta: An Effective Ingredient Against Hair Loss

The hair serves numerous functions. Scanty or full, the hair still serves a great essence through our life stages. It protects the scalp and shields it from the direct harshness of what the environment could be. Besides, many people would agree your hair can make you look attractive and bold. Although some would rather have their hair cut for specific reasons, the hair quantity and healthiness are significant signs of vibrant youthfulness.

Preventing Hair Loss

Aging, poor diet, inappropriate hair care, and hereditary factors could be responsible for hair loss. You can be sure no one would love to go bald or nurse alopecia while still young (why go bald while still young?). Not even the old appreciate it being so pronounced and it could be psychologically disturbing for the young. While some may not care, a lot of people, both young and old, would do all to keep the hair from thinning or breaking. It is the primary reason that hair clinics and Trichologists exist today. This has also given way to many researches not only on how to preserve the hair, but also on how to regrow your hair and recover from baldness.

In a bid to guard against losing the hair, scientific researches and studies exist without number. Consequently, different artificial means of hair treatment exist including drugs. They are human-made and effective to a considerable extent. However, they are not without sizable negative effects on those who use them. As such, several other kinds of research have led to an evolution of a natural solution to hair loss which is of no known side effect. This natural remedy includes the scientifically proven use of plants including Eclipta.

Eclipta for Hair Growth

Eclipta Prostrata is a plant found in the southwestern parts of the United States and India. Also, known as the 'false daisy,' it has proven effective in regenerating the hair as it prevents aging. It is widely regarded as one with many medicinal benefits which include the growth of the bones and teeth. Experts have established this across the world, stemming from the Chinese physicians who experimented with it at first. Moreover, observations from those who suffer hair loss have done well to substantiate Eclipta as a better stimulant of hair growth compared to other natural herbs.

Theories of Eclipta hair growth have been tested. Beyond this, Eclipta increases hair wellness and, its results are visual. Basically, it positively influences the hair color (efficient as a dye for gray hair). Eclipta is effective in hair treatment and can be combined with other natural or organic products. In other words, it serves as an essential ingredient for different hair treatment substances including the Primal Hair supplement.

The PRIMAL HAIR supplement is a widely known formula for hair treating substances. It is effective in promoting hair growth and regeneration of full lock of hair as it contains vitamins and botanical ingredients for hair increase, (some of which are Lingustrum, Astragalus, Dong Quai, Rehmannia, and Asian Ginseng). Important among these ingredients is Eclipta Alba which contains medicinal features for hair regeneration and restoration of hair healthiness.

Benefits of Eclipta for Hair Growth

Eclipta is highly beneficial both as a substance on its own and as an ingredient in hair supplements. With eclipta, you are sure to experience:

  • Restored hair luster, vibrance, and beauty.
  • Reversal or reduction in total hair loss.
  • A naturally stimulating growth of the hair with no adverse effects.
  • A scientifically tested solution for hair thinning.
  • Lasting tone of a healthy hair as it prevents hair grayness.




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