The Paleo Diet and Your Hair

June 05, 2019

The Paleo Diet and Your Hair

The Paleo Diet and Your Hair

Most people would kill for a full head of hair and all the characteristics that come with it. And that's not just restricted to women. Men also want a head of hair they can be proud of, not just because it represents health and wellness. But because they basically hate a receding hairline. For women, it's a lot different and of course, special. Not least because the hair is a crown on their head; a glossy mass of beauty.

You'd be forgiven for trying just about everything too; from natural to artificial, and shampoos to conditioners, to get the movie star-like hair. Again, such attempts may not have yielded much but at least you tried. One thing you should definitely consider and act on is the Paleo Diet. It goes beyond the basics, transforms your health, gives you a vibrant and sexy appeal, helps you age better and yes, most importantly, gives you that shiny spectacle on your head. Further, it's a diversion from the conventional ways of caring for your hair to watching what you eat that affects it.

The Paleo Diet is one that's based on unprocessed foods that are far less harmful to the body. It affects your hair in the following ways.

Paleo Diet And Hair Loss

Sometimes, it's great to pause and reflect on the fact that hair loss is natural. At some stage in life, you're going to lose some amount of it. But the best part about it, you can do something about it. You'll need a well-balanced diet that provides the adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to fight back the effects of hair loss. More so, your body needs them for overall health and to deal with alopecia-causing problems. With hormonal problems, the hairline thins with a daunting quickness. Also, the head begins to bald with no signs of physical problems. It's not just the men too, as quite a number of women suffer from alopecia.

For men, androgenetic alopecia could be a problem when there's too much DHT. This hormone makes the hair remain short and thin. For women, it's a bit different with hormonal problems although the outcome is often the same with a thin and short hair. For such conditions, you might want to consider a Paleo Diet which provides the ideal nourishment, free of harmful toxins and chemicals. Further, it's a diet that restores the much-needed hormonal balance to your system.

Paleo Diet, Vitamins And Your Hair

It's a fact that the total density of a Paleo Diet alone improves your hair. It helps your hair grow and stay healthy. Also, the best part of it is you're gaining a significant amount of great vitamins and getting rid of others that cause hair loss. Nutrients including zinc, biotin, and iron are important for your hair growth and thickness. These are gotten from foods like meat, egg (yolk) and shellfish. Again, with them included in your Paleo Diet, you'd rectify or avoid hair loss. On the flip side, whole grain foods are a recipe for disaster. With grains in bread, pasta, and cereals, hair will be worse for it and will remain short and thin. That's because there's simply no benefit to your hair from a 'normal diet'. Iron and biotin are particularly important for hair growth and form a large part of the Paleo Diet.

Paleo Diet And Stress

Stress could lead to many things. A malnourished body, a timid mind, overworked brain, and thinning hair. The circumstances surrounding these effects could be life issues or problems around family, relationships or illness. Further, these problems could cause you to binge eat or starve yourself, which is, by no means adequate for good hair growth. Again, with stress, your hair follicles are weak leading to slow hair growth. While the Paleo Diet helps you eat better, it's no substitute for rest or medication for stress. It simply helps you get the right mix of food to help you.

To get the proper vitamins, you need to eat the proper meals. And no, being a vegetarian doesn't cut it with Paleo Diets because you also need nutrients from meat and fish. A malnourished body causes thin and brittle hair. Further, the Paleo Diet is wholesome with the right mix of veggies, liquids, fruits, meat and even grains (the right amount).

In conclusion, food goes a long way to improve health and that's what Paleo Diet is all about. It can heal your body, make it operate optimally and boost organs. Also, it's not restricted by sex. Anyone can reap its plenty of benefits. Your hair will thank you for it!

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