Rogaine, Finasteride or PRIMAL HAIR?

July 24, 2017

Rogaine, Finasteride or PRIMAL HAIR?

Do you wonder how Primal Hair's U.S. patented, clinically proven botanical formula works and how it is different from the two FDA approved drugs, Finasteride and Rogaine, for hair loss? We’ve given you the breakdown on how our product works in comparison to other major hair loss brands and products. 

Finasteride & Rogaine

Let’s first start with Finasteride.

It was originally developed to treat enlarged prostate glands. During trials on men with prostate problems, researchers noted the side effect of hair growth. Finasteride works by blocking an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, which reduces or blocks the conversion of testosterone to the more potent hormone DHT. Studies have shown that DHT is closely related to male pattern baldness.

Finasteride should be used by adult men only.  Side effects may include impotence or loss of interest in sex.  It may also result in abnormal ejaculation, swelling in hands or feet, dizziness, feeling like you may pass out, weakness, headache or skin rash.

Rogaine, on the other hand works on widening blood vessels and increasing VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor), thus, increasing the density of the hair.  Rogaine is the brand name of prescription drug minoxidil.  For many years, this drug, in pill form, was used to treat high blood pressure.  Consumers of the drug noticed hair growing on their cheeks, hands and foreheads.

Side effects from Rogaine may occur and include severe scalp irritation, unwanted growth of facial hair, chest pain, fast heartbeats, swelling in hands or feet, rapid weight gain, a light-headed feeling as though you may pass out, headache, dizziness, confusion, and flushing. The American Hair Loss Association does not recommend minoxidil as the first option for treating male pattern baldness, but does acknowledge that it can be effective for a small percentage of its users.


Now, let’s look at how PRIMAL HAIR’s formula works. PRIMAL HAIR's U.S. patented formula helps reduce hair loss by widening blood vessel and upregulating hair growth factors (VEFG, EGF & FGF-7) expression while downregulating hair loss factors (FGF-5) expression. The more FGF-5 accumulates in our scalp, the more likely that we will suffer from excessive hair loss.  Have you ever heard that massaging the scalp helps hair growth? That is because the increased blood flow to the scalp stimulates circulation and hair growth, much like the effect of wider blood vessels resulting from the use of PRIMAL HAIR.


It is safe for both men and women – equally and was developed to help address hair loss and hair re-growth. Unlike its counterparts in which hair growth was a noted side-effect for some other main purpose, the PRIMAL HAIR formula was actually created with the purpose of helping stop hair loss and promoting hair re-growth. 

Lastly, you might wonder if taking PRIMAL HAIR has any “side effects”. Here are some “side effects” that Primal Hair users mentioned and we will let you be the judge to decide if you can tolerate them. Potential "side effects" of PRIMAL HAIR include, increased energy level, improved circulation for hands and feet, improved sleeping quality, helping with knee and back soreness, and improved sexual performance*.


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