How Women Can Deal With Frontal Baldness

March 28, 2018

How Women Can Deal With Frontal Baldness

Hair loss in women can be a huge deal. If you’ve ever experienced some form of undesired hair loss, or you’ve stayed close to someone who has, you’ll agree it is something that can make any woman uneasy. One issue starting to become familiar with hair loss in women is Frontal Baldness, and most of the time this situation could have been remedied easily and quickly if the right information were accessible.

There are several reasons why you could suddenly begin to develop frontal baldness, and it actually might be a reason different from what you think it is.

One such reason is stress. Stress can be a predisposing factor for hair loss in some individuals, try to reduce stress on yourself when applying all these therapeutic measures.

Another reason is the proven relationship between the type of food you eat, and how much hair you can retain or grow. If you are making a conscious effort at inducing hair growth, there are many food items that you should make a regular part of your meal, as well as a list of others that are not just necessary for you. Many times, iron/folic acid deficiency in the body could be the primary cause of hair loss. You would do yourself some good by incorporating iron-rich foods like green leafy vegetables, nuts, and proteins of animal origin into your diets.

As expected, experts say that constant consumption of junk food can increase your calorie intake but also have a negative impact on hair retention by the scalp. One way to help hydrate your hair and keep it from becoming flaky is to drink plenty of water daily.

There is a standard pH that the scalp should maintain if it would retain proper hair growth abilities. Aloe vera, coconut milk, and ginger extracts are used for balancing scalp pH levels, and they also have some hair generative properties.

You should be careful of using just any type of hair oils and creams because not all the ones you’ll find would necessarily suit your hair and scalp type. Usually, it is advisable to use more of natural herbal derivatives on the scalp, instead of chemically formulated ones. Shampoos rich in protein substance would perform well too since the hair itself is made of protein.

Heat, however, has some tremendous harmful effects on the scalp. Avoid hair-making activities or procedures that require you using too much heat to your hair and scalp. Blow drying your hair, should not be made a regular practice. When you blow dry your hair too often, you continually deprive your scalp of moisture which may cause scalp irritation and consequently, hair loss.

Hopefully, the above information will help you take control or avoid Frontal Baldness altogether. Please let us know in the comments section below, what type of steps have you made to maintain and take care of your hair.

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