How To Deal With Hair-loss After Pregnancy

March 25, 2018

How To Deal With Hair-loss After Pregnancy

As your pregnancy period comes to an end, soon to be new mothers are usually filled with all kinds of emotions, excitement mixed with anxiety but mostly just excitement. Some are looking forward to being able to fit back into old favorite clothes. That’s exciting but what most new moms never anticipated is the hair loss. Hair loss after pregnancy is common among new moms, and it is normal. Here is what happened in your body that leads to this hair loss.

Hormonal Change During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, several hormones level rise in your body, and these hormones usually go back to their average level after delivery except for prolactin which typically stays high for as long as you are nourishing your baby.

Estrogen is one of such hormones found in the high level during pregnancy, and this hormone has been found to reduce hair loss during pregnancy. That and the increase in your blood volume and high circulation of the blood during pregnancy. After pregnancy, the level of the hormones and blood volume decrease back to normal allowing your body to function normally the way it used to including losing your hair and since the hair loss is like making up for lost times, you notice it much more than before. It usually lasts between 4 months and one year and everything will be perfectly fine.

Post pregnancy hair loss is normal, and if it is not bothering you it is totally fine but if you can’t bear it any longer than try these following steps:

1. Loosen Up Your Hair

For those of you that make their hair into braids unusually tight should stop it for now at least. Tight braids can cause hair loss even when you didn’t just give birth and those that like packing their hair into a ponytail or pinning it tightly, try to make it looser.

Stop applying too much heat to your hair: Using a hair dryer and hot iron can make your hair thin out. So if you are already losing your hair, it will be better to keep off from styling with hot equipment. Combing your hair too hard can also make it worse, so it will be better to use a wide-toothed comb.

2. Use The Right Hair Products

Use shampoo that adds volume to hair and biotin and silica-based shampoo have been known to help with such problems.

3. Just Relax

You just gave birth to a baby, after all, you need to relax and try not to stress yourself which might be difficult due to the new baby but for the sake of your health and your baby’s health not your hair alone, try to relax.

4. Eat Healthy

It is a well-known fact that what you eat can have a significant effect on your hair. By eating some healthier foods and fruits, you can ensure a fast hair recovery. Proteins, iron, flavonoids and antioxidants enriched food is great for hair health.

Post pregnancy hair loss in most cases is typical and no cause for alarm, but if after one year the hair loss won’t stop or reduce then you can see a dermatologist.

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