Female Hairstyles To Prevent Your Hair From Falling Out

April 02, 2019

Female Hairstyles To Prevent Your Hair From Falling Out

Female Hairstyles To Prevent Your Hair From Falling Out

Alopecia - also known as Hair loss is a problem that affects nearly every woman out there.  Eight out of ten women have had to go through this situation at some point in their lives, for some women it is a recurrent situation that has made them lose so much hair on the head, especially when it comes to the hairs at the their hairline.

According to Cosmopolitan, on average over eighty hair strands fall out in a day,  either through combing, brushing, washing, and dressing the hair. There are many reasons a woman's hair may start to fall out. These reasons include:

  1. Hereditary: Genetics is one of the reasons many people lose their hair, this is not particular to the womenfolk alone, many men, as well as women,  go bald because they inherit this hair problem from either their mother's or father's side of the family tree. Hair loss caused by hereditary is also known as Androgenetic Alopecia.
  2. Anemia/ Iron Deficiency: Another reason most women lose their hair, is because they are suffering from iron deficiency.  When a woman lacks the required amount of Iron in the body, the production of hemoglobin is short and unlimited, which causes a medical condition known as Anemia.

Anemia is a medical condition, where the blood lacks the right amount of red blood cells to function correctly. One of the key functions of the red blood cells is to nourish and grow the hairs on the head. Hence, insufficient iron and hemoglobin in the body brings about hair falling, and stunted hair growth.

  1. Age: As humans progress in age, there are so many changes that happen in the body, and one of such changes is hair loss. For men,  as they grow old, they get bald around the hairline, or by the sides of the hair. For women, menopause has a significant effect on hair growth; the hair becomes thinner and brittle, and easy to break.
  2. Hairstyles /Stress: Undergoing undue stress is another way through which women lose their hair.

Stress in women's body can cause dandruff, and also cause hair follicles to fall out more than usual, a hair condition known as Telogen Effluvium.

Aside from stress to the body, direct pressure to the hair can be another cause of hair loss to women. When a woman makes hairstyles that are too tight including cornrows, tight ponytails, and tight braids, the strain of these hairstyles can cause the hair to break and fall out.

Irrespective of the reasons that a woman loses hair on the head, she most definitely wouldn't be happy about it, and it will have an adverse effect on her personality, her self-esteem, her looks, her confidence, and her life in general.

So to avoid experiencing hair fall outs, women should use the right hair growth products, have the right amount of Iron in the body, and make the right hairstyles, i.e., hairstyles that won't apply too much pressure and strain on the scalp.

Hairstyles To Prevent Hair Fall-Outs

     1.Going Natural

Rocking your natural hair is a major way of giving the hair follicles breathing space, and reducing the stress on the scalp. Also, rocking your natural hair can help you grow your hair fast, most especially around the edges

  1. Loose Braids

Loose Braids are nice hairstyles that help keep hair safe from harm, and they also make the hairs grow. These loose braids can either be twisted or box braids.

  1. Wigs/ Weaves

Wearing wigs and weaves are another way to stop your hair from falling out. Everyone knows wearing wigs and weaves require the strands be either pulled in a ponytail or braided in cornrows.

To avoid hair breakage and hair loss, these cornrows must be free and loose.

  1. Faux Locs

Not only are Faux Locs beautiful and gorgeous to rock, but they also help keep your hair from thinning out and falling off.  

  1. Crochet Braids

This variety of braids is another hair follicles saving hairstyle. With the stress-free method of installation, this hairstyle gives little or no pain/pressure to the hair follicles.

Every woman's hair falls out,  but that shouldn't be a cause for worry, as there are ways and hairstyles, by which damaged hairs can be restored, and hair fall outs can be prevented.






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