Do Supplements Work for Hair Loss?

July 16, 2019

Do Supplements Work for Hair Loss?


The myths behind a constant hair growth have so much to do with the fairytale Disney Princess, Barbie, and of course Rapunzel. We don't have to blame them because a long and healthy hair signifies beauty, youthfulness, and vibrancy.

According to studies, hair loss is becoming a common daily trend among humans, who lose about 100 strands a day. This could be due to certain things like; genetics, hormonal changes, menopause, health issues, high levels of stress, pregnancy, heavy hair extensions, regular hair bleaching, alopecia, immune disorders, straightening, perming and malnutrition.

The point here is, hair loss shouldn't be considered a common trend, it shouldn't be regarded as normal, you shouldn't feel relaxed during hair loss, you need to stop it!. And one proven way you can stop this assault on your hair is through use of "supplements". Hair supplements? Yes, hair supplements!.

Can supplements stop hair loss /enhance hair growth?

It's normal for people to ask this exact question, and the answer remains a big yes! You know, supplements are either vitamins or herbs that are used to stop hair loss, while promoting healthy hair growth.

However, it's important you take note of the fact that the most common cause of hair loss is due to nutritional deficiency/poor diet. This is because the nutritional requirements of the hair when it comes to diet is highly incredible. The fastest growing cells the body produces are the hair cells, this means hair strands need a constant energy supply to grow, and it's hard to give it all the required nutrients through, just diets.

This is what then makes" supplements" highly essential in preventing hair loss. It boosts hair growth with the vitamins and minerals it contains. There are some essential vitamins, plant extracts, minerals, otherwise ingredients, every hair supplement should have, and they include :


Hair follicles hardly get enough iron supplied to it, which impedes hair growth cycle, therefore causing hair loss. Iron is vital for hair growth, raise your iron count by taking supplements or foods rich in iron like brown leafy vegetables, nuts, meat, and brown rice.

Vitamin E:

It's an antioxidant that helps prevent radical stress on the hair. Supplements rich in vitamin E prevent your hair from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. They are found in foods including avocado, spinach, nuts, sunflower seeds, and almonds.

Vitamin D:

It's important for healthy cell reproduction, vitamin D is mostly found in healthy hair follicles, which makes it vital for hair growth. Taking supplements that contain vitamin D goes a long way in preventing hair loss, they are also found in egg yolks, oily fish, mushrooms, and sunshine of course.

Vitamin C:

This antioxidant helps absorb iron and produce collagen. It gives the hair an enviable splendor. Taking supplements that contain vitamin C helps produce a natural oil that protects the hair and maintains a strong texture. Oranges, blueberries, sweet potatoes, strawberries, and broccoli are good sources.

Vitamin A:

Its presence in the body helps produce an oil known as sebum, which keeps the scalp healthy and moisturized, if this is absent in your hair, it could get itchy, causing brittleness. The hair needs supplements rich in vitamin A, good sources are carrots and pumpkins.


The utilization of this element is vital for hair growth. Supplements that contain zinc is essential for hair growth. Many cases of hair loss have been linked to a low level of zinc intake, and the only way to correct this is through use of supplements. This mineral is important for tissue growth, repair, reproduction, and scalp health maintenance.


This is a vitamin B complex. Supplements that contain biotin are known for straightening and improving hair growth because it helps in the breakdown of amino acids.


It's also produced by the body itself, this is good for a dry and itchy scalp. It keeps the sebum production of the body at ease, it keeps the hair scalp hydrated and healthy. Found in seeds, walnuts, avocado, and seafood.

Other supplement components that works for hair loss includes proteins, folic acid, and flax-seed oil. Supplements work in stopping hair loss and enhancing growth,  and you should definitely see the results when you start taking them. 

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