Busting Anti-Aging Care Myths

September 21, 2017

Busting Anti-Aging Care Myths

“If a little is good, a lot must be better!  I only need sunscreen when I go to the beach!  Yes, I finally see results and can stop using this product!”  Do any of these sound familiar?  If so, you may be doing more harm than good.  When it come to anti-aging, there’s no “one size fits all” approach.  It’s important to separate the myths from the facts and not only use the best products, but to put your best effort into maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep looking and feeling like your young-self should!

Here are some of our favorite myths that you can learn from and avoid repeating.

Spend More Money, See More Results

Regardless of how much you spend on a skin care or hair product, it’s not necessarily the price that determines the effectiveness—it’s what’s in it. Look for products where the ingredients are proven effective to back up the product’s claims.

Use More Products for More Results

Be aware of overdosing on skin treatments or hair care products.  Along with losing their efficiency, this habit can increase your risk of irritation.  More isn’t always better.

Once You See Results, You Can Stop Using the Product

Your hair is stronger and your skin is smoother!  It’s okay to stop using the products on a regular basis, right?  WRONG.  While you may think you can ditch the products and save some time and money, you need to continue using your anti-aging products after you see results in order to maintain them.

Lemon Juice Lightens Dark Spots

While lemon juice will exfoliate your skin, it will not fade or get rid of those brown spots on the backs of your hands or your face.

Sunscreen is Necessary Only at the Beach or Pool

As we age and spend more time outdoors, sun damage can continue.  Those golf games and time spent in the garden add up so wear sunscreen every day, at every age.  Not only will it reduce the likelihood of additional wrinkles but it can also reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Our Genes Determine How We Age

While we may resemble our mom or dad and get a sense of what we will look like in 20+ years, lifestyle plays a much larger role than genetics when it comes to aging.  Keep your skin supple and your hair strong by using sunscreen, reputable products and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

While you may have believed these myths in the past, put into practice what you’ve learned by focusing on the quality of the products you use, and stay committed to using them consistently.


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