Behind the Scenes: Celebs and Hair Loss

October 10, 2017

Behind the Scenes: Celebs and Hair Loss

We seen them on the screen. We see them in magazines. We see them in photos on social media. Chances are, we see celebrities daily. We see them touched up. We see them after hours in hair and makeup – we rarely see their imperfections. A ton of time and money goes into making these celebrities appear picture perfect – that’s the background story we don’t see.     

Hair thinning and hair loss are more common than you may realize – even for celebrities.  Not only do the following celebrities experience the same struggles you do, they’ve shared their stories and take solace knowing there’s something beautiful about being raw, being real and being authentic.


Kaitlyn Bristowe

As a former Bachelorette, Kaitlyn has been perceived as a flawless female, zit-free and full of energy.  However, in a recent Instagram post, she states “My hair started falling out again because all I’ve been doing is eating greasy crap and not exercising, and I overall feel gross.”  In case you thought most of the women on the show are flaunting perfect hair and skin every single day, some of them estimated spending at least $1k in beauty expense before the show.

Keira Knightley

Imagine changing your hair color so many times for acting roles, dying it virtually every color imaginable.  Keira says it got so bad that she experienced hair loss, with it literally falling out of her head.  For over five years she relied on wigs to cover up her thinning hair.

Oprah Winfrey

One of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world, Oprah has experienced her own hair loss problems.  While some of it has been from traction alopecia, it’s also resulted from the use of chemical straighteners and relaxers.

Geena Davis

During pregnancy, Academy Award winner Geena Davis experienced hair loss.  This type of hair loss can be especially stressful when the cause is unknown.  There is also a condition called postpartum hair loss, when hair falls out after the baby has been born.

John Travolta

While John did not seem overly concerned about his receding hair line, it was rumored that he had undergone a transplant.  However, it has since been said that he is actually sporting a weave.


Beauty may not come cheap or easy – but investing in something that boosts your confidence and shows self-care can make it worth ever penny.

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